The feeling of a camera in my hand is familiar to me since my youth. Since then I am intrigued by the sound of aperture and mirror. The unique feeling when you know that you have made the brilliant shoot.
I left the darkroom behind when the new era of digital photography begun. All was I needed then to make my photos, were a camera, software and a computer. Additionally i used my abilities, vision and imagination to make my picures outstanding.
The pixel enabled me to reach new horizons in my visiual messages. I encountered this new opportunity in our craft with open enthusiasm and hours of study. I mastered to use the digital development with up-to-date software und handle the new equipment.
I have not been a photographer all my life. Since my apprenticeship as furniture maker I love fine furniture, innovative interior decoration and modern interior design. This passion lead me to the photography of interior and exterior architecture.
The intensive process of development is the challenge and the fine photo the satification of my craftmanship. Pictures are always good, when they touch the viewer. If you like my portfolio and my photos touch your soul, then I will gratefully follow my way of life. Always looking for the extraordinary, the unique photo.

  There is only you and your camera. The limit of your photography lies within yourself, because what we see, is ourselves. (Ernst Haas, 1921-1986)